For Chris Hemsworth’s transformation into Thor of Asgardia to be complete, the 33-year-old actor requires some hair extensions given that he wears his own cropped short. The Melbourne-born film star has been working on the upcoming film Thor: Ragnarok following the success of the other Thor Hollywood blockbusters. The hefty film star was the epitome of calmness as he remained still while a hair stylist attached long golden locks to turn Chris into Thor. An easy-going smile on his thickly bearded face showed just how much patience the movie star had and suggested that he was not a stranger to the whole procedure. After gelling up his natural hair, the stylist was then set to commence the attachment of the hair extensions.

Chris is expected to star alongside British film star Idris Elba and the paradoxical fan favourite Tom Hiddlestone who plays the role of Loki, Thor’s evil brother in the forthcoming release. Over the past few months, the actor has been busy in Brisbane, Australia where the filming of Thor has been ongoing. Most of his pictures capture him getting into character right before he steps on the set.

Transforming into his onscreen character requires more than just hair extensions. The Australian actor also likes to hit the gym to get his body in shape before a role. A week ago, he treated his fans to an impressive display of fitness when he released a video that showed how much he enjoyed kickboxing.

In addition to maintaining his hefty frame and outstanding physique, the A-list actor resorts to physical workout as a means of helping him to relax and clear his mind. He frequently posts workout videos where the captions echo his sentiments concerning workout as a way to clear the mind and also curb stress. He constantly motivates his fans to live an active life as this also impacts positively on the mind.

He is happily married to Elsa Pataky, a Spanish actress, with whom they have three children.