Actresses like Emily Ratajakowski are force behind the recent wave of young Australian women who are opting for more natural cosmetic enhancements as opposed to the obviously fake variety commonly seen. A leading plastic surgeon has seen a notable spike in young women who prefer subtle alterations to create a more natural enhancement. This includes rhinoplasty—both of the surgical and of the non-surgical kind—breast implants, and liposuction.

Commonly requested alterations include cheek bones, noses and lips, with fillers becoming the norm among the young women in Australia. It is apparent that fashion icons such as the Kardashians are a major source of influence given that most of the requests often ask to emulate certain features of the celebrity. Kim Kardashian, for instance, is often the benchmark for perfect cheek bones while the aforementioned Ratajakowski bears the perfect pair of breasts according to the young Aussie lasses.

That being said, it has also been noted that a lot of these young women take a lot of caution to ensure that the look comes out as natural as possible. Non-invasive procedures such as Botox injections and plumping lip jabs comprise of the bulk of procedures requested for with more young women seeking only slight adjustments just so they can maintain the overall natural appeal of the look. Surprisingly, the main concern among these women is maintaining (or creating) a naturally healthy appearance minus over-embellished facial features and/or disproportionate/overly large breasts.

The change in preferences can be attributed to the fact that these young women are more aware of their personal appearances thanks to social media. Social media has also aided them to generate perceptions of what perfection should look like and as such, keeping appearances natural has been placed on a slightly higher pedestal. What these ladies want is to maintain a youthful, wrinkle-free face with proportional features and perky, normal-sized breasts. Going overboard is no longer deemed attractive.

Invasive surgery for cosmetic enhancements is still a thing with the most popular surgical procedures being rhinoplasty (nose jobs), liposuction and boob jobs. The number of breast augmentation procedures conducted has seen a steady rise in the past ten years but now, more women are opting for subtle adjustments which does not always focus on the size.

Shape and proportion have been given more priority as more women realize that natural, even if small, is still very appealing. Round implants are slowly being phased out by shaped implants as more women desire the teardrop curve seen in naturally well-shaped breasts. This results in a more natural cleavage, which is more than can be said for round implants.

Emily Ratajakowski remains the model after which these young women augment their breast shapes and proportions of their breasts. Size no longer plays a crucial part when it comes to breast augmentation. These young Australian women realize that there is a lot more to pay mind to when it comes to creating shapely breasts that still look natural. These include the general shape of the breasts and the size (and authenticity) of the cleavage.