KARL Stefanovic and Cassandra Thorburn have been married for approximately two decades. Recently the former couple confirmed that they are finalising their divorce. Cassandra who is represented by family lawyers Klimek & Wijay, claims that the divorce is meant to ensure that Thorburn benefits asset and financial wise once everything is finalised.

Stefanovic and Thorburn announced their intention of divorcing last year in October when the family man departed out of their North Sydney’s home. However, despite many people believing that the breakdown would be the root cause of many issues between the former couple, Stefanovic and Thorburn maturely handled all the proceedings of their divorce to an extent that they settled the entire breakdown process in a duration of less than half a year.

The split made Stefanovic part away with approximately half a million worth of cash as well as assets.

As published by the Telegraph on Sunday, Thorburn is being left by her husband with assets worth more than 6 million dollars. The deal is also meant to ensure that the Today host pours more money in case of any occurring needs that affect the wife and the children in any way. For instance, Stefanovic is required to sort any issues that his children may face which require monetary assistance.

The divorce agreement has been arranged in such a manner that it includes shared custody of their children. This is because the couple during their marriage life managed to get three children i.e. River who is the first born child aged 17, Ava who is twelve and the last born River who is 10 years old. The agreement is also meant to include shared custody of their children.

According to reports that were published, Stefanovic took his time to ensure the divorce proceedings progressed in the most effective and respectable manner. For instance, he decided to sell their Lindfield home so that there could be enough cash to handle their breakdown process.

Luckily, immediately they put their home for sale i.e. the property which the family has been living in since 2010 got a client who purchased it at a price of 3.8 million dollars.

After the sale of the Lindfield home, Thorburn was forced to live in her other home that is located in Cremorne, which is a residential area in North Sydney.Their other home is a property that is believed to worth 8 million US dollars.

Stefanovic is being paid 3 million dollars per year by Channel 9 for his role on Today. The salary makes the highest paid person on Australian TV.