The HiSmile kit has taken the world by storm with Kylie Jenner being the latest A-list celebrity to join their long and impressive list of high profile endorsers. The brainchild of two innovative students from Gold Coast, it brought in a record-shattering $10 million in the first 10 months since its introduction to the market by 21-year-old Nik Mirkovic and 22-year-old Alex Tomic. It received its latest publicity boost thanks to Kylie Jenner who posted a picture of the dazzling results of the whitening kit on Thursday.

The social media bigwig showed-off her dazzling whites alongside her new-look blonde hairdo in a photo she posted to her 75 million Instagram followers on Thursday. Also worth mentioning was the stylish nude-coloured lipstick she rocked which was the exact hue as her low-cut top. Alongside her dazzling smile was the HiSmile teeth whitening kit prominently displayed. The picture got over a million likes and about 82,000 comments from her millions of admirers.

Jenner is the third high profile celebrity to endorse the HiSmile teeth whitening kit after social media bigwig Lindsey Pelas and R&B singer Pia Mia.

For Tomic and Mirkovic, the HiSmile teeth whitening idea came shortly after the former dropped out of Gold Coast where he was pursuing a commerce degree and partnered with his long-time friend Mirkovic to delve into the lucrative cosmetics market. Shortly after, the two realized a sizeable niche in the tooth whitening industry and soon coined the HiSmile teeth whitener.

Much of its success has stemmed from high profile endorsements and good social media advertising. The HiSmile social media pages have so far garnered over 650,000 fans across all social media platforms. Tomic and Mirkovic built a strong social media presence by giving nearly the whole first batch of the LED light-activated whiteners to prominent social media personalities and bloggers. It has also been endorsed by the likes of Brooke Hogan, Charlotte Crosby and two Big Brother star celebrities, Aisha Jade and Skye Wheatly.