In the wake of the divorce between two Hollywood A-listers and undeniably one of the most influential couples, divorce lawyers predict that custody wars for their six children will be fought tooth and nail. The divorced Hollywood couple will have no problems dividing assets owing to a solid pre-nuptial agreement they had signed earlier which solves the issue of dividing their massive $400 million dollar empire.

Some of the notable pieces of wealth owned both jointly or by either of the two estranged lovers include the 60 million dollar Chateau Miraval in France where they tied the knot and a 6.5 million dollar apartment in Waldorf Astoria, New York. In total, Brad and Angelina have 12 properties although most of them were acquired before the two got married.

On the subject of child custody, Brad Pitt is a distraught man after Angelina Jolie has decided to file for sole physical custody of their six Maddox, Pax, Zahara Shiloh, and twins, Knox and Vivienne. They are aged 15, 12, 11, 10 and 8 years old respectively. Child custody entails having a hand in their upbringing including their education, religious beliefs and general health of the children. Physical custody, however, entails living with the child until they reach adulthood.

The divorce looks to be as messy as they get as Angelina and her estranged soon-to-be-ex-husband are no longer communicating verbally or through the phone. It is alleged that Angelina blocked Brad’s number over a week ago and that he has not been able to speak to or see his children since.

Sources say that Angelina’s hostility towards Brad stems from an altercation he had with his son at an airport in Minnesota. This comes amidst the 51-year-old actor being under investigation by the FBI following reports of child abuse. Brad is nonetheless maintaining his innocence in the matter and is eager to clear his name and get back to his children, who are apparently missing their father.

Sources say that the estranged husband expressed disappointment at the way his soon-to-be-ex-wife handled the matter, saying that he would have preferred to keep it out of the public eye. Apparently, he has been trying to fix the marriage for a while for the sake of the kids and was willing to go to great extents to see it work out. A close friend divulged that he is still in love with Angelina and is devastated by the divorce, which caught him flat-footed.

While Brad remains emotionally devastated, it is said that Angelina had been plotting the divorce for a while seeing as she had already rented a $95,000 ocean front home three weeks earlier before she filed for divorce in Los Angeles on September 19. She has procured the services of celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser who has had a number of high profile clients including Johnny Depp.

Angelina will be going through her third divorce after splitting up with Billy Bob and Johnny Lee Miller in her first two marriages. Brad will be going through his second after his infamous breakup with then Hollywood sweetheart and Friends actress Jennifer Anniston in 2005 amidst rumours of his involvement with Angelina at the time.