You have heard about the end of the “Brangelina” era, but have you seen the Brad Pitt’s tell-all spread “GQ” have presented? In this article, besides Brad Pitt grief and regret over his failed marriage with Angelina Jolie you can also see Brad opening about relationship counselling and the affect it had o the marriage. But, to be honest, it just looked like some weird sad yoga poses.

The article quotes Pitt mentioning how his substance and alcohol abuse led this 53-year old Hollywood A-lister to lose his six children along with his wife, making him one very sad dad. You know, just like Tobey Maguire and Ben Affleck. Even though Magurie can be spared from this scenario, let’s focus of Ben Affleck, part-time Hollywood hotshot and part-time meme creator (Sad Batman and Sad Ben Affleck).

After cheating on his long-time wife Jennifer Garner of the Alias fame (allegedly), his divorce made him seek professional help and he is now learning to be the best dad he can be to his 3 children.

Pitt and Affleck, according to “The Daily Beast” have created the hot new trend “Sad Dad”. And how can you tell one is a “Sad Dad”? Well first of all, along with an aura of sadness while promoting their films and earing their ridiculously annual income. They also need to have rugged good looks and suffer from “issues”. Like Pitt’s inability to take inventory of his emotions or Ben’s issues with shame. And of course, you will come to know about this issues after cheating with the nanny or an intoxicated altercation on a private jet about the death of “Harambe” (allegedly).

Yes, they make it easy to make fun of them. But what about the tell-all Vanity Fair interview of Garner or the interview where everyone saw someone as strong as Jolie hold back her tears when asked about her divorce. A tell-all magazine spread was originally created to let the public know everything is going to be okay, and not at all about airing dirty laundry. This is nothing new; from Jennifer Lawrence to Lena Dunham to Amy Schumer, every one of them had to withstand some of sort of social abuse for simply being who they are.

“Sad Dad” is actually a gender-based trend. The truth of the society is that introspection will not come if you happen to be a white male. While a women (no matter who they are or what they do) they have to listen to things like don’t be like that, it is that time of the month, don’t wear this and so one all the time; whereas a man won’t be grilled by the society like this.

But, in some cases, introspection comes to you later on like in case of Ben and Brad. This is because, sadness does have the ability to get a hold on you and make you really look into your life and wake you up after the fat lady has sung her last song.